The Best Exercises For A Herniated Disc In Lower Back 01/24/12

If you’re already familiar with the causes of lower back pain, then you’ll know doubt know that to improve your current situation and get the best herniated disc treatment that will prevent this from re-occurring is to perform some basic exercises.

I can almost hear the agonizing thoughts running through your head at the moment. With the thought of performing exercises and stretching a part of your body that’s in the pain from a herniated disc.  Don’t fret it though. These exercises for herniated disc are pretty straight forward. You’re not going to be exerting yourself at all with these.

Why are these exercises important for herniated disc treatment?

The cause of the herniated disc is due to the compression on your spinal muscle. It tightens up and puts pressure on the lumbar vertebrae. This is the pressure that causes the pain.  The compression weakens the muscles and you’re left with a weak spinal cord with pressure being put on the disc.  To reduce that pressure you need to strengthen your back and this is done by gentle exercises that pushes the blood flow to the targeted areas of your body.

That’s what these exercises for herniated disc treatment are going to do. Well, the 2 exercises for herniated disc treatment that helped me and hopefully you’ll find them useful too, because they are straightforward and don’t take a lot of work to carry out.

The first one is by far the easiest and fortunately I had the equipment in the house. It’s just a small exercise ball. There is something to note on this though and that’s not all of these therapy balls are the same. They come in different sizes and what I was told was to make sure that when sitting on the therapy ball I was to imagine lines going from my waist to my knee and from the knee to the floor.  You should be able to create a 90 degree angle shape.  If it’s the wrong size then you’ll find that your hips are lower than your knees which will put extra strain on your back. I’d imagine that would be worse when getting off it.

Once you’ve got yourself kitted out and ready to start your exercises, just gently lower your body into a sitting position on the therapy ball. Then you (always) gently bounce for about 5 minutes. Always is in brackets there as you can put too much work into this and end up in a lot of unnecessary pain.  Spending about 5 minutes a day doing this exercise for herniated disc treatment is going to push the blood flow through your back, strengthening it while easing the compression on your disc.  While that’s a good exercise for strengthening your back, what I found was that because I had to sit and move around while balancing on the therapy ball was a bit harder and more painful than this next exercise for herniated disc treatment.

…The Marching Bounce Exercise

This one only requires a small trampoline. If your kids have a big one in the garden, that’ll do just fine. If not, you can pick these up on Amazon for relatively cheap.

Again, this is for a 5 minute period each day.

All it takes is getting yourself onto the trampoline and gently walk to a march for 5 minutes a day. But keep in mind that this will only work if you keep your back straight during the exercising.

Like the therapy ball exercise for herniated disc treatment, this will improve your balance while strengthening your back and reducing the pressure being exerted onto your disc by forcing the muscles to shift into their proper alignment.  The fact that you are marching on a trampoline instead of a hard floor means you take away most of the impact that travels up your body when doing this on a hard floor.

These are a couple of the exercises that I found helpful for herniated disc treatment, but there are going to be a lot more out there. These ones are safe to use even after a few days of your back injury and easy enough to carry out for 5 minutes.  While these exercises may sound basic they are designed to get you back on you feet and moving again after an injury in your lower back.  If after 1-2 weeks of doing these exercises you feel comfortable moving on to more challenging exercises be sure to check out some of these exercises that will further strengthen you back and core muscles.

If you’re in pain though just stop. Don’t push to get to 5 minutes done right off the bat.

It might be that you can only manage a couple until the blood gets pumping through your spine, your back will strengthen in time and eventually you’ll reach the 5 minute bench mark.

There’s no need to break a sweat with these exercises, these exercises are just designed to get your blood pumping again and to help you stop being sedentary.

If you do fancy other herniated disc exercises then Yoga is something else I found quite helpful. But it’s something that took me a good 3 months of doing light exercises like this before I could do most of the basic yoga movements.

What exercises for herniated disc treatment has helped you? Tell others about it in the comments field below.


PS…You should always have 1 day of rest in between doing these exercises where you don’t carry out any exercises.

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